30 Best City Pictures of the Week – July 14th to July 21th, 2012

1. Tokyo, Japan. As far as the eye can see from the sky

2. The Rose Center for Earth and Space with NYC in the background.

3. Alesund, Norway

4. Vancouver Skyline

5. The Most Beautiful Building in New York: The Manhattan Municipal Building 

6. Matera, Italy

7. A photo of mine from Athens, Greece

8. Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

9. Fresh out of the camera, honest 🙂

10. Manhattan Island from above.

11. Shenzhen, China: A view of two Shenzhens

12. Cesky Krumlov, CZ

13. Minneapolis, Minnesota

14. Having a drink at The Signature Lounge, Chicago

15. Rīga, Latvia

16. The Two Towers – Hong Kong

17. Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

18. Sunset in Manhattan

19. Aerial Brisbane

18. The Eiffel Shadow

19. Bern, Switzerland

20. Rostov

21. Another photo of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

22. Overlooking Rome & Vatican City

23. Attack Of The Shard, London

24. Beijing Dragon Building, Aug 2008

25. Whistler, British Columbia

26. Rainbow in Hong Kong

27. Manhattan Beach Pier

28. Vilnius, Lithuania

29. Bergen, Norway

30. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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