30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – July 16th to July 23th, 2012

1. Elephant driver poses for a portrait while taking his elephant out for a swim

2. “Afghan Girl” from National Geographic seventeen years later. Photo by Steve McCurry

3. Daniel Craig

4. Romanian farmer having a cigarette while taking a break from plowing the land © Mitchell Kanashkevich

5. Tammy Lance of Payson Utah cries after finding her kittens alive under a burned-out truck. She lost her entire home to the recent wildfires.

6. Patrons drinking “pulque” outside a bar, Mexico City, 1910.

7. Children of San Remigio, Philippines commemorate their town’s beautiful coastline with an annual event called the Lapyahan festival

8. Dragonfly attack

9. Hmong woman at Sa Pa market, Vietnam

10. Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson

11. Young boy from Yemen with his traditional jambiya dagger

12. Street shot, La Nucia, Spain

13. Bodi tribe woman by Eric Lafforgue

14. Rainy Day Women / South Africa

15. A grandma and granddaughter in the park

16. It’s a nice day to be a glaciologist

17. Detroit News employee, January 3 1937 

18. Young shepherds in Haraz Mountains of Yemen

19. My Girlfriend and I climbed a mountain. This was the beginning…

20. Watching a Stickball Game, NYC

21. Having a Morning Smoke

22. Evening wash, Shan State, Burma

23. Michelle Jenneke, an Australian Hurdler at the world junior’s in Barcelona after she won her heat

25. Pharmacist and family in adobe mud village near Mopti, Mali

26. Just got back from teaching in Africa for a month. One of my students, Martin, was fascinated by my glasses so I let him try them on.

27. Snake ‘charmers’ in Jaipur, India probably using cobras that were either defanged, devenomed or whose mouths were sewn shut

28. Hot summer day

29. The Piano Player, Washington Square Park, NYC

30. Boy at the “water mirror” in Bordeaux, France

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