30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – July 17th to July 24th, 2012

1. Watch over time F10.0 ISO100 30min exposure

2. First attempt at capturing the stars in a photo. I feel like we did well.

3. Exposure of a fireworks show with lightning in the distance and the comet McNaught in between

4. Tree near home, 105 sec exposure with infrared filter and extra layer hdr – chambon, France

5. Aurora Australis from Tinderbox, Tasmania

6. Another high-speed 1/8000 shot for you guys, splashing water in Martini glass 

7. Overlooking the Ventura Highway covered in fog

8. First long exposure I ever took. 30 seconds of the trail of a flashlight.

9. 6 hours of Penmon Lighthouse Startrails

10. Draw your escape

11. Mesmerizing exposure on an abandoned bridge

12. 5 minute long exposer on the beach at dusk

13. 60 Second Exposure of Sparkler Heart on 4×5 Slide Film

14. 10PM Rush Hour at San Francisco International Airport

15. Toronto – From the CN Tower – Taken 7 Years ago/w Canon Rebel 300D 

16. 30s exposure of a tree made of electroluminescent wire.

17. Laser Towards the Center of the Milky Way

18. Tree and bench, 270 sec exposure with infrared filter – st-christophe, france

19. A rainy night in Paris

20. Car light trails in front of Arc de Triomphe

21. Multiple Exposures of Downtown Vancouver

22. Sunset Park ,Green Lake WI

23. Subway train approaching in Montreal

24. Plane passing in front of faint Milky Way

25. How about 1/8000 exposure? Liquid Drop

26. Taking it slow in Mexico – Akumal, Quintana Roo

27. A toy truck I found, sitting at the beach tonight

28. My first shot of Another Galaxy how did I do?

29. 20 sec exposure of heat lightning over jersey city, nj

30. Myself, with some extra arms…

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  1. Aval says:

    Amazing pics…where was # 11 taken? What'd you use for camera/equipment?

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