30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – July 18th to July 25th, 2012

1. Friend who’s a pilot took this 36000 feet above St Louis enroute to Omaha

2. Lightning Striking Bloomberg’s building in NYC during the thunderstorm yesterday

3. Cloudscape

4. Cold core tornado roping out as another begins to form (note debris on ground to the right) near Norton Kansas

5. Sunset over the desert in Dubai

6. The sky from the sky

7. Statues of Fine Arts museum in sunrise Antwerp, Belgium

8. Imminent: A massive storm cloud twists above wheat fields in western Nebraska, photographed by Camille Seaman

9. Sunset in New England

10. These Cumulonimbus clouds were too large for my 28mm lens. Tammisaari, Finland

11. The sky was amazing this morning.

12. Green Lake Park, Seattle, Washington

13. Sunset over Roman ruins of Gerasa

14. Rainbow Volcano Leon Gto. MX

15. Sunset Rain

16. A nice light show tonight. St. Petersburg, FL

17. Hiking trail with clouds in the background – Powder Canyon, Rowland Heights, CA

18. Herron Island, Wa

19. Evil pre-storm skies over St. Augustine, FL

20. North Shore Sunset, Oahu, Hawaii

21. Sunset @ Sonora México

22. Bozemen Montana, The View From My New Home

23. Sunrise on Bear Peak, Boulder, CO

24. Bison and a sunset, Wind Cave SD

25. A trident of lightning strikes near aspen Colorado

26. Giant Storm Cloud Over Beijing

27. Cloudscape, with Moon

28. Sky over Lindis Valley in New Zealand

29. Sunset on Ganoga Lake, Pennsylvania, United States

30. Florence Sunset #2 Nearly Night

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