An Electric Car: Assemble it yourself…

Just sometimes we like to do things on our own and when it comes to assembling things then even a older person or a child become so excited to do it by themselves.

So, here we are talking about an electric car which is a one that anyone can assemble by himself along with making it to work and can ride up to a speed of 35 km per hour. In, it a single person can sit that is a driver.

Thus, Modern electric car is a complex mechanism of high-tech; convene in special factories by trained staff. But if we talk about the Japanese company MODI Corporation which has released a car with an electric motor Pius, that anyone versed in the technique of his own people can gather, having a home tool kit.

Many modern products to reduce the cost of their value are not sold assembled. That’s why it is so easy to assemble and makes it so convenient and cheap. For example ,just like furniture from IKEA or even a bike and scooter from Nicholas Bell (Nicolas Belly) , which a person must collect the purchaser in accordance with the attached instructions.

But the company MODI Corporation goes further in this matter and intends to start serial production of electric vehicles, which will be delivered to the buyer as a set of parts, and he himself would have been pomudrit to obtain the desired vehicle.

Giving a average speed of 35 km per hour, it can ride up to 25 km with a fully charged battery. Thus making it useful for the purpose of teaching driving skills, travel through the territory of the large university, hospital, government campuses, as well as other similar purposes.

Moreover, the electric kind falls into the class of “motorized bicycle” in the Japanese classification of vehicles electric car Pius – is the perfect vehicle to leisurely travel for short distances.

However, according to MODI Corporation, this cost will be low.. That means its owners will not need a driver’s license in order to sit behind the wheel of Pius.

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