30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – July 24th to July 31th, 2012

1. 20 second exposure of a diver under water with the stars able to be seen overhead

2. Seattle lighthouse at dusk – 10 second exposure

3. An hour after playing around with long exposure at the beach...

4. Fireworks with a 2 second exposure

5. A 1.6 second exposure of the spectacular, striated cliffs of the Yeongmori Coast in Jeju, South Korea

6. 30 second exposure of lightning during a lunar eclipse

7. A 10 second exposure of the NYC Skyline looking north during a lightning storm 

8. A 6 second exposure at sunrise on Jeju Island, South Korea

9. Three lightning strikes crash down Monday night west of Gisela, Arizona

10. ‘Bridal veil falls’ Niagara Falls, NY

11. 30 second exposure of my friends in the moonlight on the St. Lawrence River

12. Manhattan Bridge, NYC Slide Fuji Slide Film

13. Ok not for Karma, more of a safety advisory

14. Crater Lake in Oregon is visited by an aurora

15. Mont Royal metro station, Montreal.

16. An hour of star trails near Moogerah, Australia

17. Toronto Skyline from Centre Island

18. Fireworks – 2 min exposure on the Niagara River

19. Long Exposure of Plasma Ball

20. My favorite Lighting shot I’ve taken.

21. 30s Exposure of Lake Natoma in Folsom CA

22. 5 Minutes @ 1600 Sagittarius to Aquila Milky Way

23. Stars outside my window in Pennsylvania

24. Brooklyn Bridge, NY 24 sec – 70mm – ISO200 – F11. Rob NYCity 2012

25. My first attempt of the milky way

26. Little light squares

27. Morning Star over Grand Teton NP

28. A buddy and I were experimenting with steel wool the other night. Here’s my favorite

29. My first lightning shot Not the best shot, but I’m excited that I finally got it!

30. Trails in the Morning Sky: Brilliant Venus (bottom), bright Jupiter, and the Pleiades star cluster rise together before dawn near Stuttgart Germany; the non-concentric trail on the right is the ISS

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