25 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Aug 2nd to Aug 8th, 2012

1. White water tower against a tropical sky

2.  Threatening clouds over the italian Alps
3.  The Moon, Stars, Mountains and a Small Town in Montana – by Andy Hodapp
4. The heavens open southwest of Denver CO
5.  Taken Yesterday in Cannon Falls, MN
6.  Sunset through a window
7.  Sunset over Beaver Mines Lake, Alberta
8.  Sunset in the Sawtooth Mountains   9. Sunset in Denver, CO
10.  Sunset in Anaheim, California, 3 August 2012
11.  Sunset after a storm in Joplin, Mo
12.  Sunrise over Corfu, Greece
13.  Nationals Park, Washington, DC
14. Mountain lightning in New Mexico 15.  Milky Way Over Abondoned Mill 16.  Milky Way in Montauk State Park, Missouri 17.  Manhattan Beach Pier
18.  In 10 Hours, they’ll switch places. Along NC-74 in NC.
19.  Huge lightning bolt hitting snowmass colorado ski trails 20.  Fog Rolling in off the Oregon coast between Bandon and Reedsport.
21. Fire In The Sky
22.  Everybody come look how awesome 23.  Clouds at Sundown, Northern California 24. Church during a winter morning. Took this with a Holga 120 camera. 25. A pyrocumulus cloud created by wildfires east of Noble Oklahoma

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