30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Aug 8th to Aug 14th, 2012


1.Light battle with sparklers

2. Shopping cart at sea.

3. My first attempt at capturing lightning.

4. The Cathedral of St. Paul

5. Milky Way glowing over our dying campfire embers, in the Mojave Desert.

6. Milky Way as seen from the Mojave Desert

7. This lightning was so bright it is not that long of an exposure! (Tybee Island, GA)

8. Mars in the Loop: This composite of images, spaced some 5 to 7 days apart from late October 2011 (top right) through early July 2012 (bottom left), traces the retrograde motion of Mars through Earth’s night sky

9. Lightning at Lake Meredith in the North Texas panhandle. More than 100 5-second exposures layered together

10. 15 sec. Laurel Lake in Yosemite NP

11. Downtown Berkeley at night.

12. International Space Station flyover! [30 Sec]

13. My friend’s fire poi, 4s

14. First “Star Trail” attempt

15. Lightning over Dartmoor

16. scribbles

17. Multnomah Falls

18. Parabolic Light Painting

19. Lately I’ve been experimenting with sparklers and light orbs. This is one of my favorites thus far

20. Gazing at the Persoid Meteor Shower and general night sky last night, as seen in Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. (X-Post from /r/LosAngeles)

21. Light forest in Cartagena, Colombia. 15 sec

22. Northern Lights & Headlamps – Marquette, Michigan

23. Assencara Waterfall,Ardara Co Donegal Ireland.

24. Waterfall in Scotland

25. Lightning and stars

26. accidental shift

27. One of my attempts at capturing the Old Rainbow Bridge (Folsom, CA)

28. 30 seconds under a bridge in Boston

29. Car trails on an overpass in Ohio. OC

30. Train over water. (Tempe town lake, AZ)


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