30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Aug 9th to Aug 15th, 2012

1. The shadow of our B767 in the sunlit haze over the Gulf of Mexico, south of Houston during sunrise

2. From my balcony, tonight’s dust storm (haboob) moving into north Phoenix/Scottsdale

3. Summer Sunset – Edgecomb, ME

4. Double rainbow in Stavanger, Norway

5. Allow me to light up your world

6. Sun slips behind the clouds in Seabrook, NH

7. Sunrise over the Adriatic from Vasto, Italy

8. Sunset near Naperville, IL.

9. Sunset over Cape Cod, MA

10. Sunset near Tampa

11. Sunset over Lake Chapala, Mexico

12. Hello plane friend

13. It was 98 degrees in Kansas the other night and we had a hailstorm. This was the view from my balcony afterwards.

14. Sunset at La Barrosa Beach (Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain)

15. Phoenix, Arizona

16. God rays in Buskerud, Norway

17. Arizona Sunset

18. Kansas sunrise taken with iPhone

19. I love my window. Northwest PA.

20. Santa Rosa Sound/Island, FL

21. Key West Sunset

22. Early evening clouds over Boracay, Philippines.

23. Sunset over New York Harbor

24. Storm Brewing over Flat Top Mountain, NC

25. Up in the Houston sky

26. Lightning tonight in San Angelo, TX

27. Follow-up to sunrise in Panama

28. Beautiful Sunset over Sherman, Texas

29. Lightning near Lake Tahoe, NV

30. A Beauty at Sundown, Northern California

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