30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Aug 14th to Aug 20th, 2012


1. Why my family can’t go on diets – Freshly baked New York Cheesecake

2. Wild blueberry sorbet and honey ice cream swirl (in a sugar cone)

3. Bacon, egg, and arugula on grilled Italian bread

  4. Crustless lemon-lime cheesecake with strawberry sauce.  5.  My famous pulled pork sandwich with bourbon sauce [x-post from /r/eatsandwiches]   6. It’s the crunch from the chili cheese fritos that really makes the dish.   7. Slow Cooked, Hand Seasoned BBQ Ribs   8. A Delicious Shrimp Po’Boy Sandwich with hushpuppies   9. i would steak my life on this.   10. Your arguement is invalid because lobster popcorn crunchy tempura roll.   11. Bacon wrapped hotdogs! Soooo yummy!   12. My attempt at Slutty Brownies.   13. Apple Pie   14. Smoked Salmon Crackers 15.   Mmm… rigatoni with fresh basil tomato sauce and Parmesan 16.   Burnt ends. LC’s BBQ in KC.  17.  Cupcakes I made for a wedding shower .   18. Hmmm… Lunch!   19. Pulled pork filled muffin   20. Mmm… sliders and fries   21. Parents took me to sushi!   22. Mmm… breakfast pr0n – hash browns with chilies, eggs up, chorizo sausage patty, pickled peppers and fried tortillas   23. Keeping it simple with a tuna steak.   24. Avocado stuffed with egg and pepper jack, topped with bacon, served with a side of ceviche. Breakfast of champions.   25. I made square carrot cupcakes.   26. German BBQ   27. Pizzas made in outdoor fireplace  28.  My 21st birthday cake   29. Open-faced Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Chicken, and Avocado Sandwich – Cafe Hoppe, Amsterdam.  30. Braided Spaghetti Bread – nailed it!

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