30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Aug 23rd to Aug 29th, 2012


1. East London Sky, UK

2. Sun unset from downtown Fairbanks Alaska in early summer at about midnight.

3. Grand Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

4. Barron Canyon, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.

5. Lightning and the Milky Way light up the South Dakota sky

6. Clouds near the edge of space: Noctilucent or night-shining clouds lie about 80 kilometers above Earth’s surface. They can still reflect sunlight even though the Sun itself is below the horizon as seen from the ground. They may be connected to climate change in the lower atmosphere.

7. Mammatus Clouds

8. Albertville, Alabama behind a friend’s house at sunset

9. End to a fabulous cruise-Alaska

10. Midnight Sunset in Nuuk, Greenland

11. Fresh sky after rain Phoenix, AZ

12. Cirrocumulus clouds

13. Somewhere near the Colorado-Nebraska border

14. Sky diving at sunset over Northamptonshire, England

15. Sunset during an evening shower in Lyman, SC.

16. Sunset in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC

17. Tornado near Elie, Manitoba in 2007 (photo by Justin Hobson)

18. Was shooting a high school football game, and I looked back at the crowd.

19. Sunset near Ko Lanta, Thailand

20. Sunrise during take-off from Cardiff International Airport

21. Newfoundland Sunset

22. On the way to Key West.

23. Beautiful sky with rainbow shine on the Au Sable River, Mio Mi.

24. Sunset Surf – Scripps Pier, San Diego, California

25. Caribbean Sunset After a Hurricane

26. July sky over Hie Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

27. Double Rainbow over Lake Lucerne

28. Sunset on the ferry, on my way to Martha’s Vineyard, MA

29. Elusive sunset in Offenburg, Germany.

30. Sunrise of Western Massachusetts from Mt. Tom


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