30 Best City Pictures of the Week – Aug 26th to Sep1st, 2012


1. Zurich, Switzerland

2. Shot of Shanghai I took from the 100th floor of the World Financial Center

3. Wills Tower in Chicago from the Chicago River

4. Chicago from the top of the Willis (Sears) Tower

5. Hamburg panorama from Penthouse Elb-Panorama

6. Mumbai, India

7. Foraleza, Brazil

8. “Water mirror”, Bordeaux, France

9. Monte Carlo Casino

10. Cape Town – View from Table Mountain

11. Toronto Skyline, Canada

12. The Moon over Hong Kong

13. Azusa, California

14. Vilnius, Lithuania

15. Santiago de Chile

16. Olu Deniz, Turkey from above

17. “Photo I took of the Chicago skyline from a beach in Indiana.”

18. A picture I took this summer of the twin buildings inspired by Marylin Monroe’s figure. Mississauga, ON.

19. Buenos Aires by night

20. Kite Aerial Helsinki in April

21. Old Town Square – Warsaw, Poland

22. Fleet Street Rush Hour, London, 1896.

23. Dublin, Ireland

24. Tokyo – Shinjuku

25. Portland, Oregon

26. I was really high…above Chicago at night

27. Chicago from Sears Tower in ’08 (taken from a flip phone)

28. Shanghai from the World Financial Center

29. Chicago from the John Hancock tower.

30. Broadway at night, New York

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