30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Aug 29th to Sep 4th, 2012

1. Inverter (Carnival Ride)

2. Seaside Sunrise Long Exposure

3. For all you exposure buffs, /r/Lightningporn has just started up, and who can’t appreciate a good exposure of a lightning bolt (or several) such as this one? Head on over and check it out

4. The Great Wheel – Seattle, WA

5. Storm drain section, Wallsend, UK.

6. Control Tower in Christchurch. 30 seconds at 2am.

7. Stars Above Fallen Leaf Lake, California

8. Foggy streetlights, Tyneside, UK.

9. Five second exposure of monks receiving alms in Laos

10. Color separation on BW film of a highway

11. San Diego trip with my friends and my first attempt at long exposure

12. I’m 16, this was my first go at anything like this, i was pretty happy with how it went. Franklin River, Tasmania, Australia

13. A picture from inside my tent while backpacking on the Channel Islands

14. Some guy sat down in front of my shot, I wasn’t too bothered when his head exploded

15. Just found out about this sub, here’s a picture of a I took this past 4 of July.

16. Milky Way & plane trails – Ibiza, Spain

17. Place des Arts, Montréal

18. Steel Wool on a 9 Volt Battery

19. The Brisbane Wheel, Southbank, Brisbane, Australia

20. 30 seconds through welding glass part II

21. Superstition Freeway from an overpass.

22. Sagrada Familia, The Ceiling of Heaven

23. 350z Chicago, Il

24. Udaipur at night.

25. Painted an angel 🙁 miss you W.N.

26. Full moon on the beach, Réunion Island

27. Light Painting – The Outtakes

28. Fire & Light Mask 136

29. Local skate park during the flood

30. Tree on the Gold Coast, Aus

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