30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Aug 30th to Sep 5th, 2012


1. Aurora Borealis, Churchill, Canada

2. Sunset in Antioch California.

3. Three-hour Alaskan sunrise

4. Beautiful Sunset over Glendive, MT

5. Camp Ellis, Maine, USA

6. Clouds over Southern Oklahoma.

7. Sunset over the Mersey – Liverpool, UK

8. Ocean in the Sky.

9. Nevada Desert

10. Dusk at Great Sand Dunes NP

11. A blazing sunset last night in East Texas

12. Sky Reflection on Pond

13. Sunrise Over Phoenix

14. Sunset in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

15. Cool, cloudy skies over Glendora, CA

16. While waiting for the Blue Moon to rise over Las Vegas yesterday, this happened.

17. Sunrise, Nova Scotia

18. The sun and clouds were doing amazing things, I think I saw my first ever sundog

19. Sunset in the Bahamas,

20. South Africa has some big sky [Ceres, South Africa]

21. Tonight’s blue moon view from the spillway in Chatsworth, GA

22. Sunset and rain over the Great Salt Lake

23. Sunset in Northern Ontario, USA

24. Sunset over Pupukea, Oahu, HI

25. Burning sunset in Tempe,AZ

26. Last Nights ‘Blue’ Moon

27. Wyoming Wildfire Sun

28. Sunset in Maui

29. Sunset in Greenport, NY

30. Sunset Through the Smoke, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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