30 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Aug 30th to Sep 5th, 2012

1. A Dark Earth with a Red Sprite

2. Spotlights bounce off the clouds over Space Launch Complex 41 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station as NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes lift off the pad aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket

3. Iberian peninsula at night, taken by an astronaut onboard iss

  4. Great Sandy National Park in Queensland, Australia

  5. here’s a pic of tonight’s blue moon

  6. Probing the Electric Space Around Earth

  7. Hubble Ultra Deep Pic

  8. Ithaca Chasma: The Great Rift on Saturn’s Tethys

  9. Saturn and Titan Seen From Cassini

  10. What Our View of the Milky Way Would Be 9000 Light-years Up

  11. The moon from my front garden on Tuesday, warning extreme non-pro photography ahead!

  12. Albireo: A Binary Star System

  13. View of The Milky Way in Turkey

  14. The first picture taken by a human on the surface of another world: Neil Armstrong took this looking out his window to the south; a thruster is in the foreground

  15. Extravehicular Activity for Sunita Williams

  16. Saturn’s Dragon Storm

  17. Mount…. Dismount…

  18. If you can’t beat it, shoot it.

  19. Once in a blue moon

  20. Quasar 3C-273

  21. Saturn and Titan: Colorful colossuses and changing hues

  22. Milky Way over Wallowa Mountains

  23. Milky Way and Andromeda

  24. Hurricanes.

  25. Apollo 11 Landing Site Panorama

  26. Milky Way, Gormach Afghanistan

  27. Laser marks on Martian soil

  28. The Cat’s Eye Nebula (NGC 6543) is one of the best known planetary nebulae in the sky. Its enormous but extremely faint halo of gaseous material is about 6 light-years across.

  29. NGC 1929 in N44: A Surprisingly Bright Superbubble

  30. Photo of NGC 6611 (the Pillars of Creation) taken using UWA’s SPIRIT 1 Observatory (x-post from /r/astrophysics)

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