30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Sep 4th to Sep 10th, 2012


1. Some little critters fried up for an afternoon snack in Marseille, France

2. mmm spicy sausage

3. My phone camera seized up, and I couldn’t wait, so I ate a slice before I could get a pic. Still awesome tho’

4. There’s garlic cloves under the skin.

5. from taco tuesday

6. A whole chicken in the oven stuffed with sundried tomatoes, basil, garlics, spinnash, feta cheese and bacon.

7. Adjarian khachapuri (bread filled with goat cheese and topped with a raw egg and butter) in Moscow, Russia

8. Had a Sushi craving last night

9. Smoked labor day.

10. Double Cheeseburger with Grilled Cheese instead of the buns

11. first post – homemade, chipotle, stuffed crust pizza!

12. Bacon, cheese, caramelized onions, fried egg, and a stack of poutine on a burger. Only in Montreal!

13. The carrot cake I made for a baby shower. I dubbed it the ‘Rainbow Rabbit’

14. Godiva White Chocolate Bread Pudding

15. Just an evening snack

16. Nutella sandwiched between two double chocolate chip cookies

17.  Sunday morning breakfast down-under.

18. My dad and I decided we needed to learn to cook, here’s our first full meal we made together!

19. Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki

20. 5 times in a row

21. Outta This World Cupcakes

22. Ribs, that is all.

23. Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

24. Hangover Breakfast

25. Original Pizza Margherita from Naples, Italy.

26. Smoked and grilled garlic chipotle chicken wings

27. Vietnamese Hangover Breakfast

28. Girl Scout Samoa Cake Remake

29. Samoas from scratch

30.  what $5 gets you in taiwan

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