30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Sep 6th to Sep 12th, 2012

 1. Sunset in San Blas, Panama

2. Cool sky after a storm in Southwestern Wisconsin

3. Wonderful blues from Ikenberry quad today!

4. First time seeing the atmosphere at sunset with my own eyes. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Raw, 2 MIC with filters.

5. Sunrise at Köln-Innenstadt, Germany

6. Montreal Skyline after a insane thundershower

7. Watched the dying day, blushing in the sky

8. End of the day sky in the mountains of Virginia

9. Rainbow over Texas A&M University

10. Sunset at Costa Rica

11. Smoky skies over Lake Maggiore, Italy

12. Venus Over the Pacific

13. Sunset at Silo, UC Davis

14. Megrit, France

15. Sunset over the Poznan

16. Sun rays on Langdale, Cumbria

17. Tropical cloud formation over a palm island

18. Thought I’d hate working early in the morning but walking to work allowed me to capture this sunrise over Aberdeen

19. Halo in Oslo or as I like to call it: The eye of the sky.

20. Loch Leven, Scotland

21. Clouds over Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

22. Sunset Storm in Green County, Wisconsin

23. The sky currently over Tottenham, London. Persistent contrails and sunset.

24. Sunset in Davis, CA.

25. Pre-dawn sky over the plain of Bagan

26. Snapped this photo with my iPhone at a pond in Midland, MI

27. Took this with my phone near Santa Barbara, CA, USA

28. Sunrise in Wauconda, IL on my drive to work

29. Clouds over the Stockton Channel

30. earth_moon [Earth]

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