20 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Sep 6th to Sep 12th, 2012

1. Magnificent Coronal Mass Ejection Erupts on the Sun (August 31, 2012)

2. JAXA astronaut Aki Hoshide, Expedition 32 flight engineer, during his last EVA activity to repair one of the ISS MBSU

3. Two extremely bright stars illuminate a greenish mist in this and other images from the GLIMPSE360 survey

4. red saturn, stormy north

5. New Stars in Serpens Star-Forming-Region

6. I caught a bit of the Milky Way. Kind of suprising due to the light pollution, but I followed a line that went up then curved and i’m almost sure it was the Milky Way. What do you think r/spaceporn?

7. SN 1006: A Supernova Ribbon! Light from the explosion was seen on Earth in 1006 AD and creating a bright light in the sky for two years!

8. Apollo 11: Mike Collins took this picture of the LM as it was returning to the Command Module from the surface of the moon.

9. I had two wallpapers I really liked, so I turned them into one.

10. Eruption of Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

11. View of the Milky Way, from Bear Lake, Utah. Resolution

12. Dark Matter Map of CL0025+1654

13. Merging clusters in 30 Doradus

14. Io over Jupiter

15. The famous Horsehead Nebula in Orion is not alone. A deep exposure shows that the dark familiar shaped indentation, visible just below center of the image, is part of a vast complex of absorbing dust and glowing gas.

16. Crab Nebula

17. Gravitational Lensing in a Galaxy Cluster

18. New Moon from a new moon

19. Enceladus in Front of Saturn

20. M4: Hubble Watching Ancient Orbs


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