30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Sep 11th to Sep 17th, 2012

 1. Four Devil Ladies at Carnival in Germany

2. Beautiful Farmer in Yangshuo China

3. Rose coloured Spectacles Taken at the Goth Fest at Whitby UK

4. Very cute Andean baby, Peru

5. In mourning

6. Down on her luck: The Unhappy Gambler

7. A Hasidic Jewish Family, Brooklyn, NY

8.  Woman figuring out camera self-timer

9. Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar performing in Edmonton AB

10. Peul herdsmen stand by their cows in the green sandy plains near Bermo, Niger on July 16, 2012

11. On the dike near the sea in Moddergat, The Netherlands

12. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed by Platon

13. Aug 1947, Circus clown Felix Adler feeds a bottle baby

14. Children begging for money in Kathmandu, Nepal

15. San Fermin (Running of the Bulls) – Pamplona, Spain

16. My great and great great grandfather

17. A young Cambodian girl and her pet snake

18. Girl in mourning dress holding framed photograph of her father killed in Civil War. 1860s

19. A Buddhist monk prays for tsunami victims buried due to the lack of crematoriums in the town of Onagawa in Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

20. My host father with his pile of cotton. Mali, West Africa

21. A Jewelry Merchant in Africa

22. Portrait of a friend between the plants.

23. Migrant workers harvest watermelon from an irrigated farm field in a drought-stricken region of Indiana on July 18, 2012 near Vincennes, Indiana

24. Man in the temple of the Jade Moutain, Hanoi, Vietnam

25. Muslims in Cairo protesting the new Terry Jones produced film 9/11/12

26. Heartful Bird, Boston Chinatown

27. Bellissima Luisa

28. Keeping a Watchful Eye on Grandma. I took this photo of a street trader who I saw every day when leaving my hotel in Goa. Only afterwards did I see the man in the background.

29. Milkman in New Delhi making his deliveries

30. Man LOL seen in a market, São Paulo, Brazil

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