30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Sep 11th to Sep 17th, 2012

 1. Spam Sammiches…whoever created this…I love you!!!

2. Salt dough roasted beets, herb salad and figs.

3. This is how I do eggs in the hole. For lunch.

4. Homemade Guacamole Chili Cheese Dogs

5. Not sure if lunch… or art.

6. Brunch: Deviled eggs.

7. NSFVegetarians.

8. Asian meatballs

9. Spicy Chicken Pizza with Béchamel, Arugula & Bruschetta Topping

10. Follow up from yesterday, our daughters birthday cake – Mud cake rimmed by Cadbury chocolate and filled with M&M’S . It fed 25 people.

11. Huarache ranchero, what a great way to start a day

12. Firecracker Chicken

13. Pierogi!

14. My best breakfast

15. Vietnamese Pork Chops Marinade

16. Stuffed Pepper.

17. Bacon cheddar and fresh guac grilled cheese…

18. Just found this subreddit, and love the tastiness of all the pictures! What do you guys think of my first attempt at baking deliciousness?

19. Sandwich Time! (Montreal Smoked Meats, Swiss Cheese, Roasted Sweet Peppers, Spinach, and a smear of Mustard for a bit of a zip! All grilled to melty cheesey perfection!)

20. Tried these and they were better than I expected…

21. Brazilian Steakhouse

22. Oh Friday…

23. The steak is red velvet, the potato is Rice Krispie treat.

24. Cheese, mushroom and tomato omelette with flaked chillies and chilli pesto

25. So I was taking some photos for my new BBQ catering website tonight. Would you eat this?

26. Arepas.

27. Just a bit of beef.

28. went camping…this was breakfast

29. Dinner in the perfect tortilla, black beans and kickin’ chicken with homemade salsa

30. Vanilla panna cotta with raspberries


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