30 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Sep 13th to Sep 19th, 2012


September 19, 2012Big Picture Star Gazers1 Comment


1. Cocoon Nebula Wide Field

2. Comet Lovejoy

3. The North America Nebula

4. Starry sky over Washington

5. James Webb Space Telescope, proof that mirrors can be badass

6. Shooting Star

7. The Red Rectangle

8. Took this at Mohonk (New Paltz, NY)

9. Eagle Nebula. Beautiful

10. International Space Station framed by partial solar eclipse

11. Orion’s Rainbow

12. Footprints on the Moon from the first lunar visit

13. An aurora on Uranus, plus a bit of the planet’s rings.

14. Ring Nebula Drawn

15. Jupiter and Pleiades.

16. Ring of debris surrounding the Fomalhaut Star

17. Supernova

18. The Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392) – Resembling a person’s head surrounded by a hood.

19. Eagle Nebula

20. Vesta in Dawn’s Rear View Mirror

21. The Rose Galaxies

22. Ghost Nebula

23. Orion Nebula

24. I made a wallpaper from the Hubble ultra deep picture, what do you think?

25. Saturn: Bright Tethys and Ancient Rings — Tethys is likely brightened by a sandblasting rain of ice from sister moon Enceladus

26. Colorful deep space

27. The Atlantis

28. Star on the verge of Supernova

29. “Devil of the Night” By: Dominic Kamp

30.  Perhaps one day this will be our view of the moon


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  1. Hiller says:

    I just want to thank you for your amazing website. All of the space, Earth etc pictures and all the cool quotes in pictures… all around one of my favorite sites to check out on a regular basis. Thanks!

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