30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Sep 19th to Sep 25th, 2012

1.30 second exposure on the beach.

2.Milky Way Over Moraine Lake

3.Leaving Burning Man in the Dust: The Black Rock Desert at Night

4.Portrait of my wife under the stars in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 25 seconds.

5.Sheppard Ave, Toronto

6.Cloud to cloud lightning strike near Camp Randall

7.Moving Brisbane

8.A bridge, University Avenue and Wisconsin’s capital all in a single frame

9.Interstate 29 in a rural area

10.Moon over UW-Madison’s South Campus

11.Passing Car, Anting Shanghai

12.Floating sphere as the world rushes by

13.star trails in Tahoe City, CA

14.Backyard Funyard

15.Steel Wool 30-second long exposure

16.Ball of Light by Australian photographer Denis Smith

17.Crosspost from r/Disney of a 4.8 second shot of Epcot fireworks

18.Jupiter and the Moon light up the sky above a rock formation near Kitaibaraki City, Japan

19.Collaborating Minds

20.Cabin In The Woods

21.Might as well join in: RPM Needle.

22.Night Meditation in the High Sierras.

23.Tripped Out Campfire

24.Sunrise Analemma: 17 individual images taken at the same time between April 2 and September 16 follow half the analemma curve from Baku Azerbaijan. Venus is visible transiting the Sun in one of the top exposures.

25.Septa train in motion, 30 sec exposure

26.Yosemite Valley at dusk, with car headlights illuminating the fog

27.3 secs of the “Orbitron” at Disneyland Paris

28.My first exposure shot at Mulholland Drive

29.Busy highway. First post.

30.Ride at the fair


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