30 Best Architecture Pictures of the Week – Sept 21st to Sept 27th, 2012

 1.Subway station in Valencia, Spain

2.The Last Supper, St Cuthbert’s Parish Church, Edinburgh

3.Smithsonian Castle – Washington, DC

4.Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux, France

5.Centre Pompidou Metz, France

6.Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire.

7.Hanging Monastary, China

8.Chapel over a stream, Ojców, Poland.

9.Parisian architecture

10.Two buildings separated by a canal in Venice, Italy

11.ING Building. Minoru Yamasaki, architect for the Twin Towers. Minneapolis.

12.La Alhambra in Granada, Spain

13.Spadena House, Beverly Hills, CA built in 1921

14.Attractive use of shipping containers in the post earthquake shopping district in Christchurch, New Zealand

15.Stockholm, Sweden

16.Hundertwasser House, Darmstadt – Germany

17.Tolbooth, Canongate, Edinburgh (Built in 1591)

18.The Tron Kirk, Edinburgh

19.Sensō-ji pagoda, Tokyo

20.Segovia Cathedral in Segovia, Spain

21.La Pedrera by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain

22.Chapel-tomb, Ahremovcy, Belarus

23.Notre Dame; Paris, FR

24.Philadelphia Mix

25.Boston MIT

26.H’mong King Palace Hoang A Tuong – Bac Ha village, Vietnam

27.Chiesa di San Cataldo, Palermo

28.RMIT Building 80, Melbourne, Australia: Stair Well (building by Lyons Architects)

29.Inside the Guangzhou Opera House

30.  Swedish Parliament

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