30 Best Animal Pictures of the Week – Sept 22nd to Sept 28th, 2012


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1.Arctic Fox (Vulpes lagopus)

2.I’m Watching You. Flamingo by Louise Lomax

3.Kea (NZ Parrot)


5.Mute Swan (*Cygnus olor*) and Cygnets

6.Asian Elephant Skeleton (Elephas maximus) Anatomical Museum, The University of Edinburgh

7.Incredible display by a heron

8.Malaysian monkey eating a peanut. Does anyone know what species this is?

9.One Eyed Leopard, Panthera Pardus – South Luangwa – Zambia 2012 by Alex Berger

10.Whooping Crane (Grus americana)

11.Common seal, looking very distinguished.[Phoca Vitulina].

12.Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) escapes from circus

13.Does r/AnimalPorn have any love for spiders?

14.Wolf Eating a Watermelon


16.Mother Loon who refused to leave her nest no matter how close I got

17.The most interesting Tiger in the world

18.Green Sea Turtle, Red Sea

19.Three deer

20.Lesser Grison (Galictis Cuja)

21.A baby Dwarf Rat (Rattus Tyrionus) next to a wine cork for scale

22.Victoria Crowned Pigeon

23.A baby Hellbender salamander

24.Bison rubs itself against a fire hydrant to help remove molting fur, outside the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in Yellowstone National Park

25.Baby Red Squirrel

  26.Monitor lizard in a tree, photo taken by my friend in Malaysia 27.Happy Little Leaf Monkey in Malaysia. Photo by my friend

28.Greater grison (Galictis Vittata)

 29.A huge flock of Red-billed Queleas flies in to drink at the same time as an African Elephant in Tsavo National Park, Kenya


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