30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Sept 25th to Oct 1st, 2012

 1. South Sudanese Soldier on the day of South Sudan’s Independence, 2011

2. John Wayne and Gary Cooper

3. Ernest Hemingway on his boat, the Pilar

4. My Grandparents Enjoy an Ice Cream Cone

5. Member of the Kips Kaboni (Scar Devils), Papua New Guinea’s oldest criminal gang.

6. In the cotton field. Mali, West Africa

7. You Don’t Dare To Touch Him by dincturk

8. Man smoking near the market of Hanoi during a very cold day for that region, Vietnam

9. A Chinese grandmother holding her grandchild

10. Poor Yemeni boy

11. An elder janitor in The Holy Mosque in Mecca

12. Shopkeep in Shenzhen, China

13. Ali Training, 1978. © Harry Benson

14. Boy dressed up a Zorro on horseback at the Minnesota State Fair, 2010.

15. Monks watching tourists watching them – Mekong River, Laos

16. prison mugshot, taken from prison museum in Colorado

17. street Trader and her Grandson. Goa India.

18. Paroja girl

19. Homeless man

20. Booking photo of Joan Trumpauer who took part in the June 4, 1961 Mississippi Freedom Ride. She and eight others were arrested and refused bail. She served three months in jail before enrolling in the traditionally black Tougaloo college.

21. Stilt Fishermen in Sri Lanka

22. Beautiful African woman

23. Hangman, a punk from Munich, BY, Germany.

24. Excited policeman at Notting Hill Carnival

25. A worker frowns inside a plant which crushes rocks to produce construction materials in the Gobi Desert in Aksu, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region

26. Nenets woman from the Yamal Peninsula

27. Yakuza at a street fair

28. These adorable girls were my neighbors for two years. Tintane, Mauritania

29. Salesman with an awesome beard at a market in Germany

30. “Rescuers and relatives stop a woman from committing suicide by jumping off a building in Zhanjiang, China on August 14, 2012. The woman tried to commit suicide after killing her nephew following a family dispute.”


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