30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Sept 26th to Oct 2nd, 2012

 1.And I ran screaming out of the lobby in Krabi (Thailand) ‘LOOK AT THE MOON, THE MOON!’ [2.3″, iso 200]

2.Gig in Morgantown WV

3.2 sec exposure, stuck to a car window

4.Full moon in church tower (Güstrow, Germany)

5.Riverfire Stack

6.I was at the Finnish night-orienteering championships taking pictures of runners with their headlamps.

7.Here’s an exposure I made for my studio lighting class a while back

8.Floods in New Zealand

9.10 sec exposure, stuck to a window, driving through Philadelphia

10.4 second exposure of the opening explosion to a firework display. Was told here’s a good place for it.

11.I made my first attempt at astrophotography this summer, this one was my favorite.

12.94 Second Exposure from an Anchored Sailboat

13.Immingham Oil Refinery Lincolnshire UK 6 second exposure.

14.Toronto Celebrating Canada Day July 1, 2011

15.First Attempt at Star Trails

16.First shot at steel wool photography

17.Light Paint Party

18.Waking Up…

19.Full Moon Morning Collab

20.Beach at night

21.San Rafael Bay (part of the San Francisco Bay) at night

22.Summer Nights in Michigan: long-exposure star trails and fireflies

23.The fishing boat Sea Breeze in China Camp State Park, California, on a full moon night.

24.West New York, NJ at Night (Long Exposure)

25.Campfire at Ocean Shores, WA

26.I’ve been playing with ‘multiple photos’ in-sensor for a while now. Here’s one of my favorites so far

27.549 seconds of blending red, green and blue light, un-edited.

28.Milky Way Dawn over Jenny Lake – Grand Tetons, Wyoming

29.drive in Ybor city

30. 500 Hour Exposure – eXtreme Deep Field | NASA Hubble


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