30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Sept 27th to Oct 3rd, 2012

1.Sky over Vietnam

2.Incredible Sunset over the Pacific – Oahu, Hawaii

3.Good morning, Pennsylvania.

4.The view of clouds from a plane

5.Sunset over Serengeti National Park.

6.Incredible Sunrise over New Smyrna Beach, FL

7.Ocean City, Maryland

8.Was able to catch the sun rays during a thunderstorm at Anza-Borrego State Park

9.Sunrise over Santa Monica, CA (unedited OC)

10.Skaftafellsjökull glacier, Iceland

11.My local reddit thought you might like this sunset, colors courtesy of area fires around Spokane, WA

12.The moon on a colorful foreground. Northwest PA.

13.Red sunset over Anaheim, California

14.Sunset at Picnic Point Park, WA

15.Beautiful Sunset, Location Unknown

16.From the dyke in front of my house (OC) Delta, B.C. Canada

17.October Moon

18.Thunderstorm in Germany

19.View of the Shenandoah Valley from Great North Mountain, George Washington National Forest, VA/WV.

20.Sun Pillar in Alaska

21.Rolling thunderstorm clouds in Pennsylvania

22.Sunrise near Uluru, NT, Australia

23.Night Sky of Tabo, Spiti Valley, India

24.Sunset on the Beach

25.Beautiful Sunset Silhouette

26.18 sec exposure Moon Glare

27.DC is actually the capital of SkyPorn..

28.Rainbow on the beach, Kaikoura, New Zealand

29.Pacific Fog

30. The ever elusive sundog (aka halo)


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