6 Tips that will keep you Warmer during your Photography day in Winters


October 5, 2012PhotographyNo comments

1. The main aim of keeping yourself warm during winters while shooting outdoors starts with the supply of balanced food to your body. The calorie you provide to your body should be enough to provide you the inner heat you require. It is not necessary to eat a lot but to eat smartly. So eat a good stuff just before going to start your schedule and drink a lot of hot beverages.

2. Being outdoors simply means that you will be in natural habitat. Let it be hot in summers an cold in this winter case. In both the conditions ultimately you may become a victim of dehydration. So, to fight dehydration drink plenty of liquids, preferably water. This will help you fight against dehydration. Alcohol will not be a good choice as it enhances the dehydration phenomenon.

3. Pay attention to the clothing. Firstly, wear a long Johns followed by long sleeves T-shirt. And above all wear a sweater. The clothes you wear just at the outer layer should be of nylon fabric so that it may repel rain and snow. This will stop the cold breeze to reach your skin too!

4. Exclusively designed pair of Stealth Gear Extreme Urban Photographers Trousers is the best for you if you are among some risk-players. In this trouser you are served with an adjustable waist strip tip fit you perfectly. There are some ventilation strips also to have some ventilation if weather improves. This trouser pair is embedded with a high back, so that moisture remains away from you. This trouser is packed up with multi pocket feature. A bag is very rarely required if you are wearing these trousers. These pants are available in small, medium, large, extra large and extra large size. You will get it for around $189.

5. Hand safety is equally important as it is for body. You should be able to handle your equipments correctly even after wearing some safety pads in your hands. Stealth Gear Photographers Gloves is the thing that suits you. These gloves are carefully designed. It is made up of 100% polyester micro fiber with a waterproof. The thumb and index fingers can be opened to give you a precise finger control to your equipment. Also the fingers will be warm inside of these gloves. These gloves will cost you around $ 45.

6. Hat is the best and ultimate requirement for all the outdoor workers. Most of the body heat is dissipated through your head; it is a basic need to cover the head. There are jackets which will serve the purpose of hat but an external hat would be a better choice.

Go through these tips and have a nice time. And yeah, don’t forget to comment.

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