8 Tricks to have a Great Photography Experience


October 7, 2012PhotographyNo comments

Digitization has changed the definition of living. Why not, it’s all easier now. In photography also, the digital techniques are ruling. The photographers can simply chose the images which they find best and discard the ones which are not upto the mark. Digital photography is one of the fastest growing trends in this era. Storing and replaying is the biggest advantage of this digital trend. Though digital photography is very easy, some common mistakes can still happen. Here I am giving some mistakes that can take place unintentionally.

  • Busy Composition:  A picture is made up of several objects.  These object sometimes helps you to create the requires effects and sometimes it is just a distract.  So to have better image, try to reduce the number of objects not actually required to vision your objective clearly.
  • Impact should be in mind: While capturing the images, never try to put unnatural expressions our poses. Never capture boring stuff as “snaps” or anything like that. Try to be realistic. Try to focus only on the situation you want to capture and not the unnecessary things. The shutter speed as well as the camera aperture will help you out in this issue. Chose the aperture opening wisely.
  • Image getting Blurry: Focus is the key stroke of the camera. IF you are taking pics with auto adjustment, wait till the camera adjusts its focus. The lock-target concept should be allowed to take place with a still mode. Using tripod is also a good option if you are going to have long shots. If the shutter speed is auto, then open your lens aperture to a lesser F-stop, so that more light may come in the lens.
  • Red eye correction: Never forget to remove the red eyes caused by the camera flash. Use Photoshop to do so. You can even avoid the flash to have a better image.
  • Poor Framing: Always concentrate on a good frame for your pics. Try to cover head to toe, if the pic doesn’t mean to be edited. Cropping can be a good option for further operations on the image. ]
  • Lenses Dirt: Lense of your device should be free from any kind of dirt. Remember dirt, on either side of the picture (on camera or on object) will destroy the image.
  • Glare: Try different angles if you are having a problem of glaring on your pictures. Glaring can spoil your pic. Sometimes avoiding direct light source will result in a better pic.
  • Battery Life: Always keep extra batteries with you! It’s a very well observed fact that most of the times, battery creates a problem.

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