Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival


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  • Beauty at its high! Red lanterns as seen from the lobby of mall, named as Chinatown in Manila, Philippines. The mall is all set to celebrate Chinese mid-autumn festival.
  • Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (1)  This one is from Malaysia. People having their food under the decorated Chinese lanterns. This decoration is for the Mid-autumn festival. Visitors are getting attracted to this decoration.Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (2)
  • China is probably the land of dragons. That’s why dragons play an important role in celebrations in Chinese festivals. In this pic, it’s a dragon made up of incense sticks, being paraded throughout the streets of Hong Kong. This tradition is followed during the FIRE DRAGON DANCE, a popular dance performed for Mid-autumn festival.

Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (3)

  • A dragon being paraded on September 29 2012, around the streets of Hong Kong. This is the most interesting tradition from China.

Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (4)

  • Victoria Park, a popular place in Hong Kong is all decorated as per the festival. The Chinese mid-autumn festival is one of the most important festivals that is celebrated with high level of enthusiasm. The people from Hong Kong, following Chinese people, celebrate this festival as a day when the moon gets to its biggest, brightest and a completely round structure.

Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (5)

  •   A pic from Victoria Park in Hong Kong. People enjoying the beautiful view of the decorations. People of Hong Kong appreciate this festival like Chinese, because of the beauty and brightness of moon on this day.

Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (6)

  •  Amazing and perfect click in which a moon is appearing as a supplement to these decorative triangular bulbs here at Victoria Park in Hong Kong.Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (7)
  • This one is really cute. A small girl trying to touch a lantern being used as a decoration for the Chinese mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong. This is a pic from a Hong Kong restaurant.
  • Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (8) Lanterns hanging outside a restaurant in Hong Kong just as a decoration for Mid-Autumn festival.

Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (9)

  • Just look at this pic.! Two kids enjoying the fireworks show sitting on a car roof.This is a still from Shanghai,China.This firework show is an integral part of celebration of mid-autumn festival in China.

Glory of Mid-Autumn Festival (10)

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