Arrival of Autumn…


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Autumn arrives with an enthusiasm packed up with vibrant and rich colors. The appearance of the landscapes becomes suddenly more and more beautiful. Temperature appreciates the upcoming season by changing romantically. Celebrations and festivals enhances the specialty of this season.

Generally, September is related to this season. History says that the first day of the autumn is a good time to stock the success and failures of your upcoming year. Different myths are related to this season. Greek mythology says that, the season begins when, goddess Persephone returns to the underworld to live with her kidnapper, Hades. So here is a collection of some pics related to this season.

  • Tree colored in autumn color in Germany.

Arrival of Autumn... (1)

  • A sunny autumn day being enjoyed by a woman t Lake Chiemsee near Seebruck, southern Germany, Oct. 8, 2012.

Arrival of Autumn... (2)

  • A polar bear with its mother on a rainy and cold autumn day in a zoo at Wuppertal, Germany, Sept. 14, 2012.

Arrival of Autumn... (3)

  • A scene from Leman Lake in Chexbres.

Arrival of Autumn... (4)

  • A car with a leaf on its rain drop covered windscreen, in Munich Germany.

Arrival of Autumn... (5)

  • A woman passes by through a walk way covered with autumn leaves in Minsk.

Arrival of Autumn... (6)

  • Autumn leaves are his toy. A boy playing with leaves on a car parked in Russia’s Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, Oct. 6, 2012.

Arrival of Autumn... (7)

  • Potatoes being bought in a agriculture market specially arranged for the autumn season in Minsk.

Arrival of Autumn... (8)

  • A polar bear dressed man talking to another guy during the autumn agriculture market in Minsk, Sept. 22, 2012.

Arrival of Autumn... (9)

  • Conkers hanging during the conker championship before starting of the event. Players play alternatively till the conker of the opponent gets destroyed.

Arrival of Autumn... (10)

  • People having a busy time playing conkers. Conkers is basically a traditional children’s game being played in Britain during the early autumn.

Arrival of Autumn... (11)

  • Annual conker championship as a sub part of Hampstead Heath Heritage Festival, celebrated in London.

Arrival of Autumn... (12)

  • A sheep being sheared by Ivan Scott of Ireland in the Dentenberg. It’s a half-yearly visit by Scott to the Switzerland to shear sheep’s.

Arrival of Autumn... (13)

  • Early morning scene. A red deer roaring in Richmond Park, England early morning. Autumn starts with this kind of stags roaring, which simply means an attempt to attract females known as bucks.

Arrival of Autumn... (14)

  • Adirondack chairs lying vacant on shore of river, Androscoggin in Maine. The pic was captured on October 3.

Arrival of Autumn... (15)

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