30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Oct 9th to Oct 15th, 2012

1.My mama’s “Pho”, yum!

2.Mozzarella sticks

3.Cupcakes. My first attempt at butter cream decorations.

4.Baklava, local honey and bee pollen, lemon balm ice cream, rosemary shortbread

5.Taco Cupcakes made with wonton wrappers

6.Filet Mignon with Wild Mushroom Risotto and White Truffle Butter Sauce

7.I made taiyaki (Japanese fish shaped cakes) filled w/ a choice of chocolate, cream cheese or peanut butter.

8.Mmm… breakfast porn – pulled smoked pork with eggs and toast

9.Carrot Cake Stuffed With Cheesecake

10.Smoke rings.

11.Pasta salad: Philadelphia sauce, bacon, mortadella, crunchy goat cheese and bow tie pasta

12.Double Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger…a burger made of sandwiches

13.Mmm… My wife made this “Ultimate Turtle Cheesecake” last night!

14.Gotta love Taco Tuesdays!

15.Home made burger. Meat, bacon, grilled peppers & zucchinis, tartar, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes.

16.Funnel cake burger… Eat it all and it’s free

17.Seared duck breast w/apples, onions, potatoes and a balsamic reduction. Homemade in the SW of France

18.I couldn’t sleep so I made a lasagna.


20.Blue Velvet Cake

21.Home made egg “McMuffins”

22.Rainbow chocolate chip cookie dough oreo brownies…yup

23.Beef tagliata with rocket and sprouts

24.Orgasmic Baked Potato from City Bites

25.Pan fired Cajun potatoes with basil and garlic tomato sauce, my favourite!

26.Shrimp and Farro Salad – made with grilled shrimp, farro, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, kalamata olives, dill, mint, basil, lemon juice & olive oil

27.I love when my parents invite me over for burger night.

28.Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto

29.The Under Appreciated Grilled Cheese from Five Guys

30. Friday’s Whiskey Cake


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