30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Oct 10th to Oct 16th, 2012

1. Waterfalls and a covered bridge

2.Anti-aircraft fire during an air raid by the Nazis on Algiers, French Algeria. circa 1943

3. Starfish. 20s, f/22, 14mm

4. 676 seconds of 3 cold cathode tubes and 109 LEDs in a totally pitch black space

5.Autumn waterfall longer exposure

6.30 seconds of a Quiet Street

7.Long exposure pan of Porteau cove

8.30 second exposure of me in a grave yard

9.My first car shoot. Audi RS4 2007.

10.Stupa Sunset with the Moon. 10s, f/18, 14mm

11.Whats up with this star trail?

12.Star Trails and a Fire at the Cottage in Quebec

13.Brasstown Falls

14.Manhattan viewed from Brooklyn

15.Brasstown Falls

16.Desert Lightning

17.Underneath Santa Cruz wharf.

18.London Rooftopping self portrait 20secs

19.Riverfire Crowds


21.Berlin Tegel Airport at night

22.ITAnotherP of my friend doing ‘burning steel wool’ long exposure photography. Crosspost from ITAP. ISO80, 20s, f/8

23.14sec on a merry go round

24.My First Venture Into Long Exposure Shots

25.Hook Head Lighthouse & Passing Trawler (Ireland)

26.45 Second Exposure of my friends and me Ventura Pier,

27.Take Off.

28.Headlights and taillights on a farm road.

29.Stillwater lift bridge.

30. 20 Second Exposure: My first storm shoot in Whitewater, WI


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