20 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Oct 16th to Oct 22th, 2012

1. Starry-Eyed Astronaut Anna Fisher

2.I visited Valencia 2010. I was totally lost and I stumbled upon a crowd of people cheering and clapping for the man in the middle of this photograph. He was crying. They saw I had a camera and begged me to take pictures. I still have no idea what they were celebrating.

3. The true definition of love at first sight. My mother meeting her first grandchild.

4. Asaro Mudmen

5.A Lebanese protester runs between burning tyres in the southern city of Sidon

6.Laughter seen in a market in São Paulo, Brazil

7.A mennonite friend making fresh cheese. A hidden town in Zacatecas, Mexico

8.A man in Cuba on a small pink motorbike

9.A life less ordinary / France

10.Danny St. Shooting Elderly Portraits for a Cause

11.A 105 year old woman playing with a cat

12.Military security in Grand Central Station (long exposure)

13.Father taking a photo of son / Brazil

14.German POWs being forced to watch reports of the concentration camps

15.A Filipino Muslim woman flashes peace signs following a Philippines / Muslim rebel peace pact.

16.Gambler at a Vegas casino

17.Andy Irons inside a wave. Photo by Jason Childs

18.Nude cyclists at Toronto City Hall

19.Cute Little Illinois Farm Girl

20.Chilling on a cruise


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