30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Oct 18th to Oct 24th, 2012

1. Contrails in a twilight sky over Chefchaouen

2.Fall Sunset in Boulder, CO

3. Russian Mission, Alaska. Aurora Borealis skyline.

4. October Sunset in Dodge City, KS

5.Cloud [Lake Springfield, Illinois]

6.Dawn In Nottingham UK (Taken only using 3.2mp Camera )

7.English Sunset – Reigate, England

8.Tonights sunset – Imperial Beach CA.

9.Not that I’m trying to hog skyporn or anything, but here’s the 2nd sky pic of the day for me. A rainbow just before sunset in nw PA.

10.Clouds and smoke. Newman, Western Australia

11.The Sky At Sunset, Hampshire, England

12.Gulf Coast Sunset

13.Summer Sunset in Vermont

14.Red Sky in Morning. Yatesville Lake, Louisa, KY

15.Gastonia,NC – After a day 5K run from zombies, I came home after I placed 4th place overall for the day, enjoyed some Noire Jazz, poured myself a Johnny Walker Black Label on the rocks, pirched myself on my window, and watched the gradients of the sun fade from fire to midnight blue.

16.Evening. Toronto. I rarely see skies like this here.

17.Low hanging fog in Dubai

18.Romantic sunset from Calton Hill, Edinburgh

19.Sunset over Second Beach at Olympic National Park

20.Aurora over White Dome Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

21.Good morning Reddit! From NW PA.

22.Sylvan Lake, SD

23.Sunset tonight in small town Iowa

24.Cercle de feu (circle of fire) taken by Girolamo Cracchiolo

25.Storm moving in over the Esplanade in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

26.Breathtaking sunset [Lake Springfield, Illinois][18.JAN.2012]

27.My bud took a boat ride in the Reine Fjord in Norway

28.Fall Sunset in Blacksburg, VA

29.Another photo I took of the Aurora Borealis 3 days ago in Iceland, no editing besides sharpness

30.  Panorama of the Southern Sky


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