30 Top Food Pictures of the Week – Oct 23rd to Oct 29th, 2012

1. Spicy Smoked Mac and Cheese

2.Today’s my birthday so I baked my own cake! 3 shades of purple yellow cake w/ a simple vanilla buttercream.

3. Panini with gruyere, gouda, bacon, tomato, arugula, and pesto on ciabatta.

4. Smoked Pulled Pork

5.Burrata, Summer Tomato and Spinach Salad….If you have never had burrata….its life changing.

6.A delicious juicy steak, cooked rare, with perfect seasoning and some lemon.

7.Fried Banana and Coconut Ice Cream

8.Pad Thai….so damn good!

9.“Ice Cream Sandwich”

10.Langouste de Cuba

11.Tomato, Basil, and Parmesan Soup with Jalapeno Cheddar Croutons.

12.Gnocchi Mac & Cheese w/ Organic Roasted Grape Tomatoes… ideal Fall/Winter Comfort Food.

13.Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

14.Seared tenderloin with porcini-thyme pan sauce. Will med-rare do?

15.Honor Roll Fries from Bernie’s Burger Bus in Houston,

16.Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

17.It’s gettin’ on Chicken n’ Dumpling season again…

18.Pumpkin Dip

19.Pho from Pho Hoa, Ho Chi Minh City

20.Burrito al Pastor

21.Hawaiian style fried rice with Portuguese sausage

22.Viet Style Sashimi – Does r/foodporn like Ahi?

23.Poutine Burger with redundancy on the side.

24.Just my smoked salmon Foccacia

25.Pork shoulder tacos. La Condessa, Phoenix.

26.Lasagne made with Moose, cow and hot Italian sausage

27.Prosciutto, Salame, Sopressata, Mocetta

28.Mmm… breakfast porn – double plus good – sausage, eggs, and toast

29.Sweet Potato Filo pastries with marscapone/maple topping, dusted with cinnamon

30.  Vertical Layer Cake

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