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With the help of the Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide, a photography contest is organized every year known as the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year. This contest includes 18 individual categories like birds, mammals, creative visions and nature in Black & White. 48,000 entries hit this year in the contest from 98 countries. The winning photos will be put at the Natural History Museum in London for exhibition until March 3, 2013.

Here are some images from the group of overall winners…

  • This picture is clicked from the window of a car by Photographer Richard Peters while he was on a visit to Yellowstone National Park. It was snow on the ground and a Fox was hunting there. Fox was listening for rodents under the snow, and then jumping high to pounce down on the unsuspecting thing. It disappeared and suddenly reappeared. Richard was surprised by this. It was far away to photograph but he managed to get a sequence of leap. According to Richard he loved this quirky image best.

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  • Hannes Lochner was shooting some night shots in the South African part of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, when she came across this young male lion. He seemed totally unconcerned by all the activities happening around him. He stared at Hannes a couple of times raising his head, but didn’t show any interest in any of the activity happening there. Thus, Hannes worked fast and managed to capture this young male at the moment a bolt of lightning flashed to the ground.

Beauty of Wildlife... (2)

  • Finally Daniel Eggert made it to capture his love in the best. Ever since he fell in love with the Pasque Flowers of Spring, he wanted to capture them covered in frost. As the Pasque flower time came once again, he headed up to the hill of the Nordlinger Ries crater in Bavaria, Germany, and he captured this beautiful image with the warm background and cold ice, with the colors of rising sun.
  • Beauty of Wildlife... (3) Photographer Ofer Levy spent several days in the South Wales to photograph the grey-headed flying-fox bat, which is the largest bat in Australia. Ofer had to spend time in a very hot day, with the sun and the wind in the right direction, hoping a bat would risk drinking. There are now only 300,000 bats left in Australia.  Beauty of Wildlife... (4)
  • Owen Hearn took the best advantage of a snow night where his search for the Hares was come to an end. He couldn’t believe his luck, when he came across this Hare just meters away. He spent several days to photograph hares. It was a challenge for him to capture the hare closely because they are so alert and so fast.  Beauty of Wildlife... (5)
  • It was October, a polar bear was on broken-up ice floes, without caring about anything in Svalbard, an archipelago midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole. This enormous and beautiful photograph is taken by Photographer Anna Henly, when she was on a boat in Svalbard. It is a known fact that Polar bears depend on the marine sea ice environment, and increasing temperature which is reducing the ice cover year by year, making it very difficult for the polar bears to survive.

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  • This beautiful scene is captured by Sandra Bartocha. When the snow started melting, a thick fog began to wrap itself around the forest near her house. The evening sun added beauty to it with its glow. Sandra tried different lenses to capture this beauty in the most beautiful way. And finally, she made it with a mirrorless camera.

Beauty of Wildlife... (7)

  • Klaus Tamm ended up photographing neriid long – legged flies, impressed by their combat dance, when he was in his holiday apartment near Etang-Sale-Ies-Hauts. The unusual-looking insects attracted him.

Beauty of Wildlife... (8)


  • Eve Tucker noticed something what others fail to see, and captured this beautiful scene in his camera very gracefully. He walked along the wharf, when he saw a this bird. It was a black headed gull, which was looking at reflection of the straight lines. She was resting on the very beautiful area of water, which gave Eve an unusual effect.

Beauty of Wildlife... (9)

  • This breathtaking scene is captured by Photographer Sergey Gorshkov. He spent several days on Wrangel Island in northeastern Russia. In late May, so many geese arrive here from North America, and Arctic foxes take advantage of this. Sergey captured this scene when a fox and a gander were having a battle to steal eggs.

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