23 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Oct 24th to Oct 30th, 2012

1. I visited my late grandfather’s house, now abandoned and condemned, 20 minute exposure caught my sister and gf walking the property with flashlights.

2.25 seconds towards New Jersey

3. Midnight Photography…

4. Made you guys something

5.the train was leaving

6.The Stars From My New House in Montana, Exposure Four Seconds

7.View of Garmisch Germany from Der Laber in Oberammergau under a full moon. Comparison of long exposure (top photo, deep blue) vs. flash.

8.Relatively new to photography, but this is my favorite photo I’ve taken so far.

9.Northern Exposure

10.Ore Dock, Michigan

11.Night sky photographed with an analog camera

12.First Post – Orb in Old Church

13.My friends on a bridge. 2 min.

14.The Milky Way over Whistlers Campground, Jasper National Park

15.Zion National Park, Utah

16.Along a wall. Looking east toward Akron Ohio’s skyline on a soon to be rainy Friday night.

17.The new hospital in town

18.after about 15 tries and burning my hand twice, I got this shot of my name in my room with a lighter

19.Multiple Lightning Bolts – Idaho Falls, Idaho

20.Long Exposure of Waterfall on Beartooth Highway

21.Bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard, near Dallas, TX

22.3,500 year old rock carving, Rimside Moor, Northumberland, UK.

23. Rave Toys


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