30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Oct 25th to Oct 31st, 2012

1. Maria Pia bridge, Porto, Portugal

2.Sunset over the Bronx

3. Boat arriving at IJMuiden harbor, Netherlands at sunset

4. Northern light behind paradise – Viðareiði, Faroe Islands

5.Sunset in Long Island Sound

6.Dom Luís bridge, Porto, Portugal

7.Sunset at My New Home in Montana

8.Dusk setting by the beach

9.the sky was purple in wisconsin last night after a storm

10.Lightning strikes a Chilean volcano mid-eruption

11.I got up really early for this shot last week, totally worth it. (part of a big timelapse-project currently in development) Lago Maggiore, Italy.

12.Sunset in Morocco

13.American Southwest sunsets are unbelievable… just outside Tucson, Arizona

14.Oh boy, I just discovered HDR photography… [Holland, OC]

15.Saint Mary’s Church, New Tier, MN

16.Good Morning

17.Clouds over Kingscote, Australia

18.Mammatus Clouds Over Regina Saskatchewan: Cloud pockets can develop that contain large droplets of water or ice that fall into clear air as they evaporate. Such pockets may occur in turbulent air near a thunderstorm.

19.A cloud lined in gold. Taken from my flight home the other night.

20.Ice crystals in the air creating pillars of light over Jackson, Wyoming

21.Sunset over J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island, FL

22.Taken at on the shore of Worden Pond in Rhode Island late in August of this year

23.Sunset in Estes Park

24.Yesterdays sunset, western Sweden

25.Finger Nail Moon At Sunset

26.Took this picture just off the University of Arizona campus.

27.Sunrise looms under the watchful eye of Venus.

28.Long walks on the beach – Westport, WA

29.Just another sunset over Milledgeville, GA

30. while dogs do have lots of fun, I’m not sure if they appreciate the beauty of a sunset… (its beach)(santa cruz)

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