15 Best Space Pictures of the Week – Oct 25th to Oct 31st, 2012

1. Stickney crater on the Martian moon Phobos

2.Phobos, the doomed moon of Mars: In 100 million years or so, Phobos will likely be shattered by stress caused by the relentless tidal forces of Mars, the debris forming a decaying ring around Mars. (pic resolution is approx 7 meters per pixel)


3. It looks like a man with a cowboy hat is in this nebula. Looking towards the center. Can you see him?


4.Surface detail on Europa with shattered ice surface and refreezing


5.Triton and Neptune from Voyager 2, the black smudges on the bottom of Triton come from nitrogen geysers


6.Hubble Extreme Deep Field Higher res


7.Artist Concept: Deep Space Habitat at Earth Moon L2


8.Cupola of the International Space Station


9.Scaled-Down 9 GigaPixel photo of Milky Way’s Center


10.The Red Spider Planetary Nebula: It shows the complex structure that can result when a normal star ejects its outer gases and becomes a white dwarf star


11.VISTA gigapixel mosaic of the central parts of the Milky Way (mid-sized version, link to resolutions up to 108500×81500 in comments)


12.Storm on Saturn


13.Comet Garradd and Brocchi’s Cluster


14.Giant Bubble in Wolf-Rayet star HD 50896


15.Supermassive Black Hole Inflates Giant Bubble


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