30 Best City Pictures of the Week – Oct 28th to Nov 3rd, 2012


1. Awesome view of Moscow from the top of State University

2.Qingdao lost in the mist, China

3. Autumn in Salt Lake City, Utah

4. Roman Baths in Bath, England

5.Moscow’s Futuristic Skyline

6.Sunset in Dublin, Ireland.

7.Biggest building in Europe – 330k m2 of usable space, Romania’s Parliament, Bucharest

8.A Foggy Photograph Of Hong Kong

9.Quito, Ecuador

10.East side of Manhattan right before Sandy Hit

11.Botafogo Bay, Rio de Janeiro

12.Paris Skyline

13.Shanghai Rising

14.Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

15.Red lights on Michigan Avenue, Chicago

16.San Francisco, Behind The “Full House” House (The Painted Ladies)

17.Concrete jungle of Warsaw

18.Tampere, Finland

19.Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England

20.Mt Ararat looming over Yerevan, Armenia

21.Toronto’s Financial District

22.Layers Of Warsaw


24.Qingdao European Quarter, China

25.NYC from the Empire State Building just after sunset

26.Brooklyn and Manhattan right now

27.Flooding in New York City during Sandy

28.Michigan Ave, Chicago

29.Kenosha, Wisconsin’s harbor at night

30.  Manhattan from the West Side looking East. Before Sandy.



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