30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Oct 30th to Nov 5th, 2012

1. Flight nurse Jane Kendeigh cares for a wounded soldier on Iwo Jima – 1945

2.Young British girl among the ruins in the Battersea area of London – January 1945

3. “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”

4. Belgian miner. 1937. Photograph by Gotthard Schuh

5.Lunch break on the set of Star Wars – 1977

6.New York after the rain

7.Paul Newman

8.Baka Pygmy hunters prepare for a hunt with a ceremony.

9.Meditating Monk at Pangour Falls; Dalat, Vietnam

10.San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk

11.My mom admiring her first grandchild, my daughter.

12.Unknown Taliban fighter holding an RPG-7 and Kalashnikov assault rifle

13.Muhammad Ali

14.German psychologist Wolfgang Köhler

15.Nicaraguan girl uses my iPhone to take a self pic

16.Gun 1, New York. William Klein

17.80’s racing driver

18.Witches? Nope. Welsh widows

19.Sweet kid I met in Sahel-region Africa

20.Happy begging children, Senegal

21.“Khin Khin Thant, a 23-year-old mother of four children, is one of more than 22,000 people who have been displaced by violence in Burma’s Rakhine state”

22.Found this some years ago walking through the library, I wish I remembered the context

23.Stephen Hawking at his wedding

24.My grandfather in Iraq, a man with a long history.

25.Student from Canada

26.The face of Felix Baumgartner’s mother as he landed on the ground

27.Tomb of the Unknown Soldier…Soldiers at guard during Hurricane Sandy 10/29/12

28.An Indian laborer takes a bath at a morning market place in New Delhi, India

29.Tuskegee Airmen – Pilots of the 332nd Fighter Group c. 1944

30. Chinese monk seeking shelter from snow in the Shaolin complex


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