30 Car Photos of the Week – Oct 30th to Nov 5th, 2012


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1. 1948 Cadillac Sedanette Custom

2.My brother welds at a company that makes Cobras. Here is the Daytona they’re finishing.

3. McLaren F1-GTR on display at the Japan International Machine Tool Fair, Tokyo

4. Both Ferrari 312T4s going up the hill towards Casino Square at Monaco in 1979

5.1972 Mazda RX-3 Coupe

6.1996 Dodge Viper GTS

7.Lamborghini Diablo Ladies

8.Lamborghini Aventador

9.Subaru BRZ GT300

10.2009 Zenvo ST1

11.Ferrari 2012 Le Mans Concept

12.Spotted a Nissan GTR SpecV on campus today

13.RWB993 Porsche ‘Rough Unity’

14.2012 Arrinera Venocarra

15.Lotus Esprit

16.HTT Plethore LC-750

17.1967 Ford Mustang. “Eleanor” GT-500 clone.

18.Ferrari FF backing into a CH-47 Chinook to be airlifted to the top of Plan De Corones

19.This Matte Black Lamborghini Murcielago in Toronto, Ontario got no love in /r/exoticspotting

20.My dream car, down to every nut and bolt: 1970 Chevelle SS 396.

21.Volvo Hot Rod

22.Jaguar XJ220S

23.Some of the cars my dad got to drive on his AMG training trip.

24.1924 Hispano Suiza H6C Tulipwood Torpedo

25.1970 Nissan Skyline 2000GT

26.Any love for my dad’s pride and joy; ’02 911 C4S

27.1987 Porsche 911

28.’73 Dodge Charger

29.Drove in with a Honda Civic, drove out with this. #manhoodrestored

30. John James Racing Porsche 911 RSR


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