30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Nov 1st to Nov 7th, 2012

1. Sunset in my neighborhood in Nassau County, NY.

2.The best sunrise I’ve witnessed

3. Aurora Borealis – Mo i Rana, Norway

4. Moonset over the Bitterroot Valley, Montana

5.From my time spent in the Galapagos Islands

6.Extreme Aurora Borealis

7.Atlantic Beach, NC

8.Sunset taken in Hornby, near Lancaster UK

9.Took this on my way to work. Canmore, Alberta

10.Cloud City Toronto

11.A picture of the sky on the longest day of the year.. taken around midnight on board a cruise to Denmark

12.Autumn Rainbow in Seattle

13.A thunderstorm

14.Lenticular Clouds Over Washington: Moist air forced to flow upward around mountain tops, such as Mt. Rainier, can create lenticular clouds. Waves in the air, which would normally be seen horizontally, can then be seen vertically by the different levels where clouds form.

15.Arcus cloud in 360°

16.A Poor Man’s Memory by George Christakis

17.Unusual, ominous clouds at dusk over Placentia, California

18.The Moonlit Dunes of White Sands

19.The Black Hills of south dakota silhouetted against a fantastic sunset

20.Prelude to a storm – Bahia Drake, Costa Rica

21.Black Forest Dawn in southern Germany

22.Island Park

23.Klein Drankensberg Mountain Range, Hoedspruit, Limpopo, RSA

24.Mr. Massive – Colorado

25.Sunrise Skies Over Toronto

26.Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

27.Hiding behind some wispy clouds – location unknown

28.the view from my backyard

29.Skopje, Macedonia

30. Kayaking on the lake when this guy showed up

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