30 Best Animal Pictures of the Week – Nov 3rd to Nov 9th, 2012

1.Wet Tiger Shake

2.I was suffering from the rare phobia Dragoferosius: The fear of Dragonflies. I courageously faced my fear last summer: I shot ’em all.

3.Tiger in shallow water.

4.Hoopoes with prey

5.American Fisher Out in the Snow (Martes pennanti)

6.Meet Beau, an orphaned 40-day-old echidna puggle who has been saved by Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

7.Bald Eagle at Conowingo Dam, Maryland

8.The Chunky Salamander (Pseudoeurycea cephalica)

9.Elephant under water

10.One of the pack. Grey wolf (Canis lupus)

11.Baby Orang Utan

12.Pheasant among the poppies

13.Three toed sloth I put together for a museum

14.Mammy, Daddy, Don’t Watch Me, I Know How To Walk 🙂

15.Puffer Fish

16.Ugly Bird

17.Two Pigs; Chiang Mai, Thailand.

18.“Red Elephants” of The Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park

19.Diving with Great Whites, 

20.Magellanic penguin, Argentina

21.Hippocampus aka Seahorse

22.A sheep chewing on grass in the Netherlands.

23.Enjoying the view(s) @ Kiawah Island, SC

24.Curious Meerkat

25.City goats Dakar, Senegal

26.Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler

27.Regal Jumping Spider, Phidippus regius,

28.Red deer.[Cervus elaphus].

29.Sally Lightfoot Crab (Grapsus grapsus)

30.Silhouette of an Andean Flamingo in the foreground of the steaming hotsprings of Termas de Chalviri, Bolivia


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