Destructor – The Hurricane Sandy


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Hurricane Sandy was a hurricane that had destroyed the areas of the Caribbean, the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, and Eastern Canada in late October 2012. It sighted in southern New Jersey and caused major flooding, power outbreaks, disturbances in traveling, and a lot of damage to buildings and destroyed lives of many people.

It caused a major damage to the city New York. The system of storm was expanded up to nearly 1,000 miles wide; it had brought the conditions of snowstorm to West Virginia and 20 foot waves to Lake Michigan. It has been estimated that sandy had caused damages of $30 billion in United States. Also a loss of 100 lives is estimated caused by hurricane sandy.

  • On Oct. 29, Adrees Latif photographed an image of the residents that were lit by police vehicles who were standing outside their homes during a power breakdown in Lower Manhattan.

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  • The picture was clicked by Michael Heiman in the evening of Oct. 29 in New York City Hospital when the patient Deborah Dadlani was evacuated by the workers from NYU Langone Medical Center during Hurricane Sandy. The backup generator of the New York City hospital was failed when the power was knocked out by the storm because of that it is moving out more than 200 patients.

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  • John Minchillo photographed the picture of medical workers aiding a patient into an ambulance during an evacuation of New York City University’s Tisch Hospital on Oct. 29. The backup generator of the New York City hospital was failed when the power was knocked out by the storm because of that it is moving out more than 200 patients.

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  • Andrew Burton clicked the picture water rushed into the Carey Tunnel earlier known as the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, caused by Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29 in the Financial District of New York City.

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  • On 30 Oct. a day after Hurricane sandy was occurred, Manhattan’s skyline was seemed to be darken. Mehdi Taamallah captured this scene of parts of southern Manhattan where life seems to be blocked without power, but many New Yorkers appeared to be taking the damage brought by Hurricane Sandy in tread.

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  • Jessica Hill captured the picture of worst situation East Haven, Conn., on Oct. 30 occurred due to super storm sandy where debris is floating around a house pushed off its foundation, caused multiple fatalities, halted mass transit and cut power to more than 6 million homes and businesses.

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  • Clem Murray photographed the picture of the scene Long Beach Island of the New Jersey shore a day after super storm Sandy blew across the New Jersey barrier islands on Oct 29 in which boats are bunched together at a marina in Brant Beach.

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  • Charles Sykes on Oct. 30 captured an image of a parking lot full of yellow cabs was flooded due to super storm Sandy in Hoboken, N.J.

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  • Hurricane sandy blocked one of three major approaches to Atlantic City, N.J. that is US Route 30, the White Horse Pike, which was covered with water from Absecon Bay on Oct. 29. Tom Mihalek Photographed this terrible situation created by Hurricane Sandy who had started attacking with furious winds and driving rain, break down the transportation, closed businesses and sent thousands scrambling for higher ground hours before the worst was due to strike in the US East Coast on Monday.
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  • Millions of people were left staggering in the aftermath of monster storm Sandy on Tuesday as New York City and a wide swathe of the eastern United States struggled with epic flooding and massive power breakdowns On Oct. 30. Jonathan Ernst clicked the picture of Zoe Jurusik, 20 years who is paddle-boarding down a flooded city street in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Bethany Beach, Del.  Destructor - The Hurricane Sandy (10)
  • Mehdi Taamallah captured an image of one day after Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast where people are evacuating from a neighborhood in Little Ferry, N.J.
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  • On Oct. 30 Susan Walsh captured the picture of the Factory, Sveinn Storm, who is measuring the flood waters outside his store in Annapolis, Md., in the aftermath of the disastrous storm Sandy that passed through the East Coast.
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  • On Oct. 30, Tuesday, millions of people arouse to scenes of destruction which were brought by monster storm Sandy, which knocked out power to huge swathes of the nation’s most densely populated region, swamped New York City’s subway system and submerged streets in Manhattan’s financial district in United States. Keith Bedford clicked the picture of a resident who is looking over the remains of burned homes in the Breezy Point neighborhood of New York City.
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  • Andrew Burton clicked the picture of cars floating in a subterranean basement which was flooded due to Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 30 in the Financial District of New York City. A ‘major disaster’ situation was announced by the president Barack Obama for large areas of the US East Coast including New York City. Most of the Atlantic seaboard is majorly flooded by the storm.
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  • This is the scene of Tuckerton, N.J., on Oct. 30 where homes were flooded after Oct. 29 when Hurricane Sandy reached on the coastline of the southern New Jersey.
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