30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Nov 13th to Nov 19th, 2012

1. Happy Baby

2. 3 Ghanaian girls

3. Bhutanese citizen.

4. Mike won this Championship on Father’s Day right after his Father passed away. He ran into this room and collapsed and started crying.

5.Man Riding the NYC Subway in the ’70’s

6.A girl walks with her pet monkey on a promenade along the Arabian Sea in Mumbai

7.A Palestinian girl tries to punch an Israeli soldier, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. I wish I knew the whole story.

8.1920, Powerhouse Mechanic and Steam Pump

9.Female soldier holding young girl’s hand.

10.Robert Downey Jr. Ticklin’ the Ivories

11.Two Afghan girls skateboarding in Kabul, Afghanistan (Credit: John D McHugh, Al Jazeera)

12.More than two thousand housewives make Kimchi for donation to the poor in preparation for winter in Seoul, South Korea

13.Grandfather & Grandson in a Cold Spring, Hualien, Taiwan

14.A young man standing by a school in rural Sahel-region Africa

15.NORTH KENYA, LIBOI. A young Somali refugee crosses a field filled with marabous storks in July 1992.

16.College professor/santa

17.Muhammad Ali & Malcolm X

18.Homeless guy (Austin, TX) having a smoke and a beer

19.Elderly man on his donkey cart. Xinjiang, China

20.Old woman sitting on the sidewalk in China

21.“Old man on the street in Shawneetown, Illinois.”  April 1937, Russell Lee

22.Used gauge salesmen of New Delhi

23.Tsu Chi Monk Burns Fallen Leaves After Monsoon, Taiwan

24.Mother and daughter

25.Mina in Montana

26.Marina at the park

27.Workers on the 93rd Floor of the World Trade Center

28.Tomato farmer from Yemen

29.Reveler at Caribana Parade

30. An Afghan boy laughs as a Turkish soldier playfully tosses him into the air

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