30 Best Exposure Photography Pictures of the Week – Nov 14th to Nov 20th, 2012

1.  Hour-long time exposure, Olsburg, Kansas.  

2. Darkness to Light Procession – Salisbury Cathedral, England

3. Vertical night aerial photograph taken during a raid on Berlin, ca. 1940-41

4. Steel Wool at an Old Train Station.  

5. My favorite long exposure photo

6. Sunset out my office window

7. The most beautiful traffic violation

8. Pedestrian bridge with an attempt at subtle light painting, Howdon, UK.

9. 20 second exposure – Lightning in the Florida Everglades

10. The WestSeattle Bridge- Seattle,WA- Photo by David Rosen/SlickPix Photography for the West Seattle Herald.

11. Milky Way from North to South La pointe espagnole, cote sauvage, France Several 30s shots (12mm f4 1600iso) stitched with huggin

12. Horsehoe Falls, Mt Field Tasmania

13. Dan Arkle light paints by climbing Higgar Tor in the Peak District, UK

14. Late Night Traffic in Delta, BC

15. 10 second portrait in the middle of the afternoon

16. Queensland Australia’s total solar eclipse captured as series of 21 exposures (sequence begins near the horizon)

17. Headlight Explosion, Tampa, FL

18. A saw cutting through metal tubing

19. Colorado River – Moab, Utah

20. Night at Hooker Falls, NC

21. My first startrail shot(s)

22. New York City Flat Iron Building Historical Landmark

23. I took this photo in Berlin some time ago

24. focus and zoom blur fireworks

25. Milky Way from Van Meter State Park, MO

26. Fog

27. london

28. Niagara sky wheel.

29. Spent a few days in Niagara Falls, this is my first attempt at long exposure (8 sec)

30. Two kids playing with sparklers on the 4th of July

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