30 Best Pictures of the Week Showing Human Emotion – Nov 20th to Nov 26th, 2012

 1. Alcoholic father with his son

2.Man in Aztec? costume jumps

3. Young girl wearing kimono. Meiji Jingu, Tokyo

4. Mongolian boy is about to get vaccinated.

5.Portrait of a Tibetan Refugee – Phil Borges| In 1994 I traveled to Tibet as well as northern India and Nepal to interview and photograph Tibetans and Tibetan refugees in an effort to understand what happened to them (…)

6.Life in a 35-square-foot Flat

7.Hmong Women in Sapa, Vietnam

8.Palestinian child in bunny costume hides from IDF soldiers

9.Glen Massey resident – his home from cradle, perhaps to grave, NZ

10.Boy playing accordion for spare change outside the Vatican

11.Bedouin Girl Asks For Candy in Hurghada, Egypt

12.A shopkeeper and her daughter in Goa, India. She was ecstatic when I brought her a glossy print of the photo.

13.Jordanian Sweeper in the Siq Ravine to Petra

14.Me performing for a Tibetan travelling musician in a small town about three hours outside of Lhasa, June 2012

15.A costumed kid in Oslo, Norway, inspects a group punks not much older than him.

16.Burmese 5 year old, 2 months after being rescued from a brothel

17.Nuns vs. Segways

18.Post-Apocalyptic Portraits I: Images from Wasteland Weekend 2012 (in the Mojave)

19.I took a picture of a very poor man in Calcutta, India. I gave him 50rupees ($1) and he was on the verge of tears.

20.Old Romanian Woman (probably selling her grains)

21.Young Dutch skater with a safety cushion, 1933

22.Cairo Children Returning Home From The Market

   23.Late night Chinese smoker

24.People of Cheb salute the German troops entering the town in the Anschluss of the Sudetenland in October 1938

25.A happy Chinese Grandmother.

26.Hindu Devotee in Varanasi – India

27.Red Cloud – scan from Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

28.On the way – Poland

29.Wedding guest shenanigans

30. Lyrics from the Gutter

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