30 Best Sky Pictures of the Week – Nov 22nd to Nov 28th, 2012

1. Reflections – Overlooking Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

2.Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey

3. Sunrise this morning

4. Skyporn in Hawaii

5.Sunrise over the Great Barrier Reef

6.Sandringham Beach, Victoria, Australia

7.Joshua Trees at sunset

8.Red Sky At Night, yesterday at northeast FL harbor

9.Took a picture down south of Western Australia

10.Aurora “mothership” seen last week from Vidareide, Norway, Faroe Islands


12.Sunset Near My Home in Bozeman Montana

13.The sun setting behind trees in rural Michigan.

14.The sun is done and so am I

15.Lake Powell Sunrise, raw no edits.


17.Sunrise in Toronto.

18.Colorado Sunset

19.Late Fall in Historic Downtown Dodge City

20.Bozeman Montana Night Sky From My Backyard

21.Aurora Borealis in Nordreisa, Norway

22.Thanksgiving sunset near the outskirts of Scottsdale, Arizona

23.My contribution from Colorado yesterday [phone quality]

24.Sunset Over Pond in Bozeman Montana

25.So I took a picture. There’s some clouds, and some telephone poles. North of Edelstein IL

26.Bryce National Park, Utah

27.View From The Front of My New House in Bozeman Montana

28.Flamethrower Fijian Sunset

29.Sunset in Guilderton – Western Australia

30.  Sunset over Arches National Park.


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